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From: Jay Jay
Subject: College GamedayThis story is fiction, a complete fantasy. It in no way implies anything
about any character.”Ohhhhh fuck yes!” cried Chris Fowler, the host of College Gameday “Take it! You know you want it!” growled Kirk Herbstreit, an
analyst on the same show. The hotel room was filled with sounds of skin on skin
slapping, and moaning. Both men were sitting up on the long king sized
bed in Kirk’s room. They were currently in Columbus, Ohio preparing for
the game Pedo Preteen Ohio State game. The moans got more frantic and louder, until
there were screams of ecstasy. “I told you this was the best porn I’ve ever seen. Of
course, you couldn’t take my word for it.” Mumbled Kirk after the action
on the screen had subsided “Sorry I doubted you buddy, never again” replied Chris “Yeah, yeah say the same thing every time. Now get outta
here I need some sleep.” Joked Kirk The men looked at each other and nodded. Chris got up from
the bed and began to leave. But when he stood up totally straight, his
hard cock made an obscene tent in his slacks. There was nothing he could
do to hide, so he decided not to try, its not like Kirk could have not
gotten turned on by that movie. As he rounded the bed, heading for the
door, Kirk spotted Chris’s massive erection. Pedo Preteen “Looks like somebody liked that movie a little more than he
led on.” Joked Kirk “Well lets see you, I bet you’ve gotta woody too.” Replied
Chris, a little irritated “No doubt, I was just about to take care of it.” Said Kirk as
he stood up, motioning to his own massive tent in his crotch. They nodded goodbye again, Pedo Preteen and Chris left for his own room,
next door. As soon as Chris left the room, Kirk unbuckled his slacks
and let them fall to his ankles as he stepped out of them. He was
wearing a jockstrap (old habits die hard) underneath his slacks. Kirk
shed this last defense his cock had against his hand. Pedo Preteen
Next he flopped
back onto the bed, his nine inch cock standing like a flag pole in the
air. His balls hung low and were naturally hairy. His right hand went
straight for his cut cockhead. He began to rub the precum into his cock.
Slowly he grabbed the shaft and began to pump, almost painfully slowly
at first. His left hand found his nutsac, and traveled down past it.
Eventually, his left index finger was rubbing his rosebud. As he pushed
his finger tip through, he began to pick up the pace, fisting his shaft.
Slowly he sunk more and more of his finger into his asshole, jerking
faster and faster with ever inch of penetration. Before he knew it, his
middle finger had joined his index, and he was violently attacking his
cock. Moans began to escape from his mouth, and his cock was leaking
precum all over his still shirt clad stomach. Suddenly the door opened, though Kirk was too lost his is
jerk off session to notice. Chris had come back because he left his
cell phone in the room. He heard the moans outside, but just figured
that Kirk Pedo Preteen
was watching that porn again. But when Chris turned the
corner, his jaw dropped. He saw his friend, and co-host of College
Gameday and his back with his feet in the air, finger fucking himself
while he jerked his cock. Chris didn’t know weather to make his
presence known or not, he was frozen watching the sight before his eyes.
Slowly the tent began to rise, just as it had during the movie, and
suddenly Chris realized that he hadn’t gotten off in about a week. The
more he watched his coworker and friend, the more his mind began to fill
with lust. Within minutes there would have been no reasoning with him,
Chris went in. Kirk was in la-la land; his head was in the clouds.
Kirk hadn’t had anything up his ass since his college days, but that
would be another story for another time. Anyway, Kirk had forgotten how
much pleasure it brought him. He didn’t want to come back to earth, he
wanted to stay like this forever, the natural highs are the best. The
moans got louder as Kirk teetered on the edge; not wanting to give in
just yet Kirk removed his hand from his dick and found his left nipple.
He pinched it hard through his shirt sending him higher and higher in his
pleasure. His eyes were unfocused and he felt like he had a continuous
head rush, it was amazing. But it was too much. Kirk pinched his nipples as hard as he could through his
shirt, and shoved both fingers totally up his ass. This was enough for
his balls to erupt on their own, without a helping hand. But just as the
first explosion of cum came rocketing out of his cockhead, Kirk felt a
warm moist presence engulfing the upper part of his shaft. He was too
gone in his bliss to realize that it was Chris’ mouth wrapped around the
shaft of his penis. Kirk let Pedo Preteen
loose nearly scream in ecstasy as torrents
of cum erupted from his cockhead. Chris swallowed everything that Kirk
unloaded in his mouth, his lust had taken over. He knew that he had to
be with this man tonight. After a few minutes of hyper ventilation, Kirk slowly came to
his senses. He knew that he had just jerked off a huge load, but he’d
lost his mind along the way. Curiously he pulled his two fingers from
his now relaxed asshole. Only after this did he realize that he wasn’t
alone, Chris was lying next to him with a face covered in cum, Kirk’s
cum. Chris looked up at Kirk with a longing in his eyes and a tent in
his pants. Kirk realized that his co-host had just taken his load down
his throat, but he was only momentarily confused. A part of him knew
that he’d wanted this all along. “That was something, thanks for the help bud.” Said Kirk “Yeah, no problem. Saw that you kinda lost yourself for a
little. Anything I can do for a friend.” Replied Chris as he reached
down and rubbed the head of his leaking prick through his pants “Maybe I can help you with that. Lets see that monster.”
Cooed Kirk
to be continued….

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